Jacquelyn Young

February 15, 2017

I’ve said it before, but this series of interviews with coaches from across the US has truly been one of the highlights of my time as a coach in forensics. I have loved every interview, and today is one of my favorites. Jacquelyn Young is the coach at Blue Springs High School in Blue Springs, MO. Ms. Young is an award-winning interp coach who has ushered dozens of students to success at the national level.

I hear from listeners all the time about things they want to know more about, and one question I get all the time is, “How do I find pieces for my kids?” Well, I asked Jacci, and she shares her process.

I also just want to share how I felt when this conversation was over. I felt lighter after speaking with Jacci. She lives for this activity, but she knows that success is relative. It takes time, and it really doesn’t matter as much as we think it does. We provide a place for students to express themselves, and that’s the real success. Thanks, Jacci, for reminding me of that.

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