Greg Stevens

February 22, 2017

Malyssa and Kirt really enjoy promoting forensics by hosting this podcast, but we know that we’re promoting the activity within our already established forensics family. Maybe we can extend our fan base to our close friends and family. Maybe. But today’s guest comes from a place where speech and debate are valued in ways that will blow your mind. Greg Stevens is a coach from...well many places, but most notably Okoboji High School in Iowa. (Sidenote: why do so many people make fun of Sheboygan when there are towns in the world named Okoboji?) We loved talking to Greg about ways to increase the visibility of our programs as well as the history and legacy of speech and debate in Iowa. This is definitely an episode that will appeal to our colleagues in the debate world. He also told us about the craziest and most profitable fundraising idea we’ve ever heard.

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