Donus Roberts

February 1, 2017

This is the first episode in a series of interviews we'll be sharing with listeners every week in between our regular weekly chats. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be chatting with people who can offer new perspectives on forensics, share with us what the activity is like in their neck of the woods, and hopefully make our forensics world feel a little smaller.

The first interview in this series is with one of the forensics’ world’s biggest superstars, Donus D. Roberts, or DDR if you know him well. Roberts is an 11-diamond coach in the National Forensics League. Eleven. Diamond. Coach. He served on the NFL (now NSDA) Board of Directors for 24 years, which sounds like a long time until you compare that to his 57-year career as the coach at Watertown High School in Watertown, SD. In addition to many other accomplishments that he refused to brag about in our conversation, Roberts created Public Forum debate to make the activity more accessible to students.

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